Sissy Captions

Hi, hope you are enjoying your visit to the website.

I just thought I would introduce myself, and give you a little back-story as to how it came to be created. The young man who has put this little site together is called Rupert; and he has been living in my home since his mother asked me to help her with his disrespectful behaviour.

She asked for my help as she knew I had some experience in this field, and thought I could bring about some much needed improvement. Fortunately he was about to start collage, so we managed to get him enrolled in a facility close to my home and he has settled in well since he came to live with me.  I must say since he came he has been quite well behaved, and I have had only two occasions where it was necessary to discipline him. I won’t allow any disrespect to woman in my home, and Rupert fell afoul of this rule; I immediacy felt it my duty to order him to apologize, and then supervised his early bed time; I also informed him he had narrowly avoided a spanking.

The second occasion occurred when he used bad language in front of me; this time I had to remove his trousers and discipline his naughty bottom. He informed me he was too old for such treatment, having recently turned eighteen. But I took no notice and informed him I would decide when he will be too old for a spanking and that day may never come.

I was told by his mother that he had some tendency to visit websites with a forced feminisation theme, and so from the get go I knew his little secret. A few weeks ago I came across this website on his laptop, and asked him about it. I must be honest he was up front and told me straight, that he wasn’t reading it but had acutely made it. I was happy to be honest, He thought I would be upset, But I wasn’t. I liked the idea he was working on his own project, even if it was a bit sissy; at least he was doing something creative, and he didn't hide the truth from me.

I even said I would buy him a new laptop for collage and to help with his new homework project.

Well that’s about it, Ill drop a few lines to let you know how things are going. Bye for now.

Aunty Jane